LIONE – Revive (Miles Away Remix)

Miles Away takes an amazing and melodic spin on an already beautiful record. The fact that he found the right way to enhance this lovely feeling in beyond-me. He does something different here with a Future Bass 4-to-the-floor dynamic, except with his signature vox & fill choices. Can’t get enough!


Trivecta – Everyday (feat. Rico & Miella)

Rico & Miella brought this amazing Duet to life with Trivecta’s warm and melodic style here on Everyday. This single actually from Trivecta’s Everyday EP – this melody is absolutely as feel-good as it gets! The SIGNATURE sound of trivecta really shines through on here and it gets me even more happy with every listen. 


32Stitches, Hoober – Astronomia

This dynamic duo between 32Stitches and Hoober brought such a dope
collaboration to life. The main melody heard in “Astronomia” is actually an re-interpretation of the original created by Vicetone & Tony Igy, as you may already know. Except in this new version, it turns this iconic dance melody on a more of an Electronic Trap wave.


RL Grime, Juelz – Formula

Upcoming producer Juelz comes together with Trap heavyweight RL Grime to make some dance music history in the world of Electronic Trap. With future bass influences, the pair came up with a rhythmic banger. The main lead synth comes in with a melody that will be remembered for years to come.


Koven – Never Have I Felt This

On this record, you’ll hear the hook “I’m looking for somebody” and from there you’ll be instantly hooked. The intro surfaces and accelerates slowly, but as the drop nears get ready for hard hitting synths with extra thickness. But wait, there’s more. The second drop features a hybrid Trap switch-up. The singer-producer duo at Koven brought something absolutely cinematic but in the most unique way imaginable.


Eliminate – Weeble Wobble

“I Weeble Wobble for the hell of it…” is the mantra that should be sung across all rave dance floors. The drop features a bird-like synth that will continue to be a symbol for every bass set at EDC, and that’s just the Eliminate sound. He brought this bass house HEATER to new heights here.


LICK, Slowpalace, Sara Skinner – DISAPPEAR

LICK is one of the up-and-comers in the bass music sense, by bridging the gap between Mid-Tempo and Future Bass (That second drop tho…). Featured on his DARK VIBE ORDER album, Slowpalace and Sara Skinner not only helped compliment this ever-evolving style – but brought this record to even higher horizons.


StayLoose, Last Heroes – Won’t Look Back (feat. Soundr)

StayLoose, Future Bass and Electronic-Indie expert combines forces with the upcoming Melodic-Bass duo Last Heroes. These two forces combined in harmony of Soundr’s vocal and lyrical talent is not a song to be messed with. An extraordinary pop-electronic record, for anytime – EVER.


Seven Lions, Slander, Dabin – First Time (feat. Dylan Matthew)

A truly inspirational work in melodic bass history with the stunning appearance of “First Time.” From the very first time I’ve listened, and every time thereafter, I have been so hooked. The airy-ness of the pads and pluck synths, from the sway of Dylan Matthew’s voice. There’s so much beauty as we see the organic elements of guitar incorporated here, but the most electronic punch coming from both drops.